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Finally! A no-nonsense way of exporting termbases to Excel, and then some

(Compatible with 32-bit Office and 64-bit Office systems) —  System Requirements 
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Welcome to Tb-Scout v2.0 or how to better understand and use MultiTerm termbases (the .sdltb format) — SDL MultiTerm software is optional

Even if you are using Microsoft Excel for your glossaries, please keep reading.

There had to be a better way to explore SDL termbases, so we created it. This is a real time-saver.

While this tool has been created primarily with translation agencies and language service providers (LSPs) in mind, it might also benefit free-lance translators who use and manage both simple (just languages) and complex (multiple descriptive fields, multimedia) terminology databases.

If you have trouble downloading the application from the SDL AppStore,
contact the developer at tb-scout @


One of the many likely scenarios for Tb-Scout v2.0
  • Task: Intensive translation and terminology sessions using
    -----------SDL Trados Studio and/or SDL MultiTerm Desktop
  • Goal: to clean up and to update termbases
    -----------(while translating and/or editing)
  • Audience: SDL MultiTerm beginners and power users and everybody
    -----------in between can benefit.
    There is also a Version 20XX which will not require SDL MultiTerm to be installed.

What it is

  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is a search engine to explore, extract and export data from SDL MultiTerm termbases (terminology databases).
  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is a data extraction tool in plain text.
  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is a read-only tool, meaning all of your termbases will not be modified or altered.
  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is a self-contained tool, meaning no extra programs need to be installed (except for either a full version or a run-time version of Microsoft Access that should be already available).
  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is a tool with a small footprint of less than 10 megabytes for the entire application.
  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is a database tool with a user-friendly interface that processes and stores temporary data internally within the same tool for export.
  • Last but not least, Tb-Scout v2.0 is a stand-alone application, but it is not portable. This means that once you install it, you cannot copy it into another folder or computer because it will not work.

What it is not

  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is not a conversion tool, that is, from one format to another.
  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is not a terminology management system, but rather a companion tool for such a system.
  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is not a substitute for SDL MultiTerm Desktop, but rather a complementary tool to quickly search, locate, and extract information.
  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is not a tool to add, edit or remove terms from a termbase.
  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is not a tool that will modify or change a termbase since all its transactions are read-only.
  • Tb-Scout v2.0 is not a tool that will communicate with a server or will share your personal data.

Most of the content of this User Guide refers to Tb-Scout v2.0
in 'licensed edition' mode. See the main features.


Tb-Scout v2.0 (The SDL MultiTerm Explorer) is a companion tool for SDL MultiTerm 2021 Desktop and previous versions (2019, 2017, 2015 y 2014).  This tool will allow you to quickly search and explore SDL MultiTerm Termbases at all levels, from the usual search types of the commercial product mentioned above, to additional search types like instant and extended search through entire records covering all the TBX levels (entry level, language or index level and term level).  And as if this was not enough, you also can search by Concept ID, by date and even by type of multimedia file (jpg, gif, mp4, etc.).

As is usually the case, sometimes you just need to search a term in a particular termbase without having to open SDL MultiTerm Desktop or SDL Trados Studio and that is when Tb-Scout v2.0 comes in handy.
Besides, if you need to edit that particular entry or term you are searching or editing you can quickly jump right into SDL MultiTerm Desktop at that particular entry. Other times, you need to have a quick list of duplicates or repeated entries in a termbase or to gather all the terms with a particular descriptive field
and a particular value, or sometimes you just need a list of all the new or modified terms entered in a particular date or date range.

We hope you find this tool not only useful but also enjoyable. Thank you for downloading Tb-Scout v2.0.





Tb-Scout v2.0 is featured in "The Manual" for SDL Trados Studio 2021, the traditional, indispensable and
easy reference for self-study, published by Mats Dannewitz Linder.

FYI, Tb-Scout v2.0 is an application compatible with SDL MultiTerm Desktop and with SDL termbases
(that is, .sdltb files), and it is readily available in the SDL AppStore.
Please also note that this stand-alone application has nothing to do with the SDL Trados Studio CAT tool.
Within that application, a non-existent "version 642021" is mentioned. Disregard.


You can get Tb-Scout v2.0 directly from the SDL AppStore.

Tb-Scout v2.0 Logo

What you need to know before using Tb-Scout v2.0